EASA ATPL Handbook

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Short, concise and well illustrated

Straight to the point

EASA ATPL Handbook is a collection of notes, tips, mnemonics and schematics to help you retain or recall all the essential knowledge from the ATPL.

Fast track

This book assumes you have already earned your Private Pilot Licence.
From that base, it contains everything that you will need to complete your lessons and succeed in taking your ATPL.

It's a book

300 pages of paper, in a convenient pocket format. You can read it in a sofa, in a train or even in a plane if you'd like. You can even sell it if you don't need it anymore.

How it's written?

The texts written with bold characters are most of the time seen in questions. The underlined texts are seen in the correct answers. Some useful tips and mnemonics are written in italic.


EASA ATPL Handbook

Do you need help to prepare for your ATPL exams?
Do you need to refresh your knowledge as preparation for a job interview?
The EASA ATPL Handbook is for you!

CG Calculation
Approach procedure segments
How the squawk works


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